Ancestral Memories: It Takes A Language

Synopsis: This coming of age story utilizes cultural African-American imagery to provide a snapshot of the communication experiences that humans share around the world. The production features musical inspirations from Guatemala, Brazil, Cuba, and the United States.

Run-time: 60 minutes


Amália: An Evening of Fado and Dance

Synopsis: The story of Amália, portrays a bitter-sweet tale of love and loss. This production features original choreography from Kevin LaMarr Jones and live Portuguese Fado music by the Richmond quartet Fado Nosso and special musical guests.

Originating in Lisbon, Portugal during the 19th Century, Fado, meaning fate or destiny in Portuguese, interprets many sides of life. Fado is often shown to be mournful and melancholic, flirtatious and seductive, or wistful and nostalgic. One common description of Fado is “the Portuguese Blues”.

Performance except:

Run-time: 65 minutes